Toyota RAV4

After 19 months of development, I headed the team that created a signature brand look and feel for one of the biggest launches for Toyota’s All New RAV4 fifth generation redesign. This launch marked an important evolution in the RAV4 history with an all-new platform which included more powerful and more efficient four-cylinder engine. The project culminated with two separate reveals at the National Auto Shows, beginning with the Gas Model, followed by the Hybrid Models 6 months later. An All New RAV4 TRD was also introduced into the RAV4 family lineup.

With so many exciting new trims and models, my challenge was to create a fresh new look as well as to establish treatments and approach to differentiate between the gas vehicle, hybrids and the TRD. Over the span of 8 shoot days, featuring 6 vehicles, and a dozen locations we ended up with over 65 final images, hours of rich content video, drone footage, hundreds of static photo images of BTS, lifestyle and over 40 CG images/video.

The launch was so successful, Toyota sold over half a million units in the first year and is Toyota’s best selling SUV. After working on the product launch for so many months I fell so in love with the vehicle that I became a proud owner of the brand new RAV4 Hybrid.

  • Role Creative Lead / Concept / Storyboard / Execution / CGI Art Direction / Video Editing

  • For Reveal & Launch

  • Type Product Launch

  • URL

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