WHEELS showcases some of the unique large to small projects with unique specs – oversize print, special folds, die-cut, custom paper.

: : Tabloid editorial series. Breaking away from traditional left to right book format and inject an editorial feel through design and photography.

: : Tabloid editorial series

: : Tabloid editorial series

: : Tabloid editorial series

:: Toyota Land Cruiser Digital Launch. This was a huge "All Digital" project to create a unique concept merging CG (all product imagery) and photography seamlessly to create the legendary Land Cruiser experience.

:: Toyota Land Cruiser Digital Mobile/Desktop

:: Toyota Land Cruiser Digital Mobile/Desktop

:: Toyota Land Cruiser Digital Mobile/Desktop

:: Toyota Land Cruiser Digital Mobile/Desktop

:: Toyota Land Cruiser Digital Mobile/Desktop

: : NISSAN ROUGE pre-launch. The concept/ strategy was to generate awareness and build anticipation for the launch of an all-new crossover for Nissan. Concept centered on notion of “Spiderman’s second skin,” ala super hero. The execution mimicked this sense of mystery by revealing and presenting Rogue in an unexpected way.

: : TOYOTA YARIS, poster

: : TOYOTA SEQUOIA, pre-launch

: : TOYOTA SEQUOIA, pre-launch

: : Toyota Camry Launch Teaser

: : NISSAN Maxima Pre Launch. The concept for this vehicle was to create an art-like collection of postcards ( four to a package ) that would support Nissan’s new Shift tag. The front-side of each card depicted a specific artist’s work in black and white. For example, one card, titled “Shift_evolution”, juxtaposed a work by Jackson Pollock against an overhead image of the Maxima’s unique skyview window. The back-side featured stories on the artists along with pertinent facts about Maxima. The artists highlighted included Richard Neutra, Louis Braille and Charlie Parker.

: : NISSAN Maxima Pre Launch, card sample, full color vs grayscale postcards

: : NISSAN ACCESSORIES PROGRAM. The goal of the new Nissan Accessory Program is to ELEVATE THE BRAND and create a positive, non-threatening environment for an accessory purchase. This campaign works on two levels: raising awareness by establishing a definite brand image and succinctly communicating a wide range of product benefits that make a sleek vehicle sleeker, a tough vehicle tougher and a personal vehicle even more personal.



: : NISSAN ACCESSORIES PROGRAM, collateral program

: : NISSAN ACCESSORIES PROGRAM, dealership Accessory Showroom Wall Display

: : NISSAN Xterra, first launch kit

: : NISSAN Xterra, first launch kit. Arrived in a plain brown paper packet--a full-size poster, revealing the first glimpse of the new Nissan Xterra. The goal was to create a buzz. The concept: "Instant Utility ".

: : NISSAN Xterra, first launch kit, fold out poster

: : NISSAN Xterra Launch Brochure. On the heels of “Instant Utility”, we concepted "A Toolbox for Life.” This no-nonsense, utilitarian approach to design, photography and copy was the first and biggest "Out of The Box" concept that The Designory had ever created for Nissan. The success of the Xterra launch essentially put Nissan back into the market.

: : NISSAN Xterra Launch Brochure

: : NISSAN Xterra Launch Brochure with fold out beauty poster.

: : NISSAN Xterra Launch Brochure, fabric choices.

: : NISSAN Xterra, Fourth of the series to continue not showcasing a image of a vehicle on the cover. The cover of the brochure features a topographic map with a big red distinguish “X” for Xterra. The tabloid size brochure with a little mechanical book were all folded into a package.

: : NISSAN Xterra, Fourth of the series printed on specialty uncoated paper for tactile appeal.

: : NISSAN Xterra, Fourth of the series-202 miles from your couch! Beauty spread.

: : NISSAN Xterra, Fourth of the series, includes a small individual booklet with engine and performance features.

: : NISSAN Xterra, Fourth of the series, illustration treatment to showcase the engine option.

  • Role Creative Lead / Concept / Art Direction / Illustration / Design / Layout / Execution / Pre-Press

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